Comcast Bill Pay

Comcast is a fairly powerful contender in the information and technology sector; they make available a variety of products and services within the ICT arena, these including internet services, cable television and phone products, their business model designed to contend with both businesses and individual clients.

A Comcast bill pay can be initiated in a number of ways, these including in person, through the phone as well as online.

IN person

To go about making a Comcast bill payment in person, one must first and foremost locate a payment center, one most conveniently located in the local vicinity. You can find Comcast payment centers on the company’s official website, usually located under the BILLING/SUPPORT option.

The process is as simple as locating the FIND A SERVICE section, entering you present location and allowing the system to avail to you a list of all payment centers within that area.

An available service representative should be able to advise you on the appropriate means of initiating payment, be it through checks, cash, credit cards etc. Payment methods might vary from location to location. A receipt should be issued to you once payment has been made.


If you have a billing statement, you should be able to locate an appropriate toll free number through which you may contact speedpay, a special service provided by Comcast, which allows one to initiate Comcast bill pay over the phone.

Speedpay is a fairly easy tool to utilize; all you need to do is pay attention to the voice response system, an interactive mechanism that should instruct you on the process of making payments, which will include entering accurate information with regards to account data and the amount that is to be paid.

Once all the information is provided it becomes a simple matter of waiting to take down your confirmation details, which you might require for your records.


The first step here is, as would be expected, to access the Comcast official website from where you can sign into your account using proper user name and password information. Following the PAY BILL and CURRENT CUSTOMER options you will have to select a specific method through which you intend to make your payments.

After specifying the amount of money to be paid, the information you will need to enter with regards to payment will vary depending on the payment mode chosen, be it a credit card number or bank routing information.

Only when accurate information has been entered into all fields may you consider authorizing payment, at which point you can record confirmation information.

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